pile of various sketchbooks

Pile of Sketchbooks and a Pause

a pile of sketchbooks

In early December 2019, I completed a self-initiated project (based on an Instagram prompt) to complete one sketchbook with 21 paintings , which would be Master studies of Monet’s Impressionist work.

When I completed it, it was such a rush to just flip through the pages, see my own growth, see a collection of my work together.

As I use each sketchbook, I learn a bit more, about me, my work, my preferences, what the book gives me, the paper handling, and more.

The beauty of sketchbooks is that, they can record things in collections. Chronologically, theme-wise, constructing a narrative, documenting travels, and so on. As the pile of books grows, so does my learning. While I have tried to do be organized with some, in a few, I have simply let go and let them be for the days I want to unwind and not think.

Before this, all my attempts at maintaining beautiful sketchbooks have always failed, primarily because I would end up writing notes, discussions, wireframe sketches and so on, to such an extent that there was hardly any drawing in the book. I was also still hooked on to Photoshop, and that’s where both ‘work’ and ‘play’ happened. So most of my sketches remained in their Digital folders.

But somewhere in 2018, I started being consistent, far more consistent than ever in my life, at capturing things in my sketchbook.

One of the factors that had helped is my new workspace- it was roomy, bright, enough space to spread out my computer, paints, books and paraphernalia. Allowing me to segregate between books with easy access for notes vs paintings vs thoughts and so on. Another was joining the Urban Sketchers in Mumbai for a short period. Helping me let go and get out there and just… draw!

As 2019 got over, 2020 promised to be the year of even better sketchbookery! But ofcourse, in came 2020, eating away at my time with other stupid things, like constant panicking over catching Covid-19 while buying groceries, battling inner and outer struggles of a raging pandemic, just…existing, leaving hardly any time to draw.

But despite it being over 6 months since I drew in my sketchbook, despite moving cities and rearranging my roomy airy space to something a bit different, the hand itches late at night, to pick up a brush and just move paint on a surface.

And I slowly will. I will.

Until then I leave you with a video of one of my favourite sketchbooks.

You can also see some hits from the Monet inspired sketch book here or a flipthrough video here.

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