Bajo La Almohada

English translation – Under my Pillow

An Animated short film

A short animation film, where I worked as the production assistant as well as on the pre-production team to create the storyboards and animatic.

‘Bajo La Almohada’ (Spanish)

‘Under My Pillow’ (English)

Isabel Herguera, an independent film-maker, visited children who were HIV-positive, in a clinic in Goa.

She played with them, sang with them and drew pictures with them.

The children draw their stories, about themselves, their lives, their dreams…

The drawings are put together, varying styles and characters, to tell their story.

This is their story, in their own pictures. The guitar, the dances, a trip out to sea, the cats Sweety and Kitty, and the sisters who look after them are just some of the treasures and dreams which the children keep hidden under the pillow.


‘Bajo La Almohada’ has been nominated at the following:

– Nominated for ‘Best Short Film’ at Hermosillo International Film Festival, Mexico, 2012.

– Nominated for ‘Best Documentary Short film’ at IBAFF international Film Festival 2013

Some screenshots from the film – characters and scenarios composed from the drawings made by children at TIVIM, Goa.