: The film is a drama, where Anbarasu, a new-age yuppie ad-film maker, and Nallasivam, a handicapped communist meet under trying circumstances and are forced to interact with each other, leading to a series of unexpected events, dealing with themes of theism, love, communism, compassion, humanity and globalization .

is the original score from the film composed by Vidyasagar.

I wanted to convey the emotional transformation that occurs in the lead characters in this film, represented by a ripple in water. This also points to a particular scene in the film itself where both the characters are sitting on a bench overlooking a lake, where they gaze at their reflections and are taken back to their past.

Also, the name of the film means 'Love is God' but not just that, it also represents the two characters' names, Anbe referring to Anbarasu, and Sivam to Nallasivam. This may just be my personal interpretation of the title, but I wanted to convey this through the text as well, showing the qualities of the characters as well as the meaning of the words themselves. 
Thus Anbe is written in an italicized style and Sivam in a bolder, steady style.
The text has been handwritten in Illustrator with a tablet.
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