Titled 'The Ressurection', this motion graphic film was created off the brief that images can trigger different emotion / Rasa based on the light that they are represented in. Accordingly, the film begins with a haunting, violent mood  - set on a dark night, in a suspicious looking house. The feeling is further intensified when we are presented with a man handling corpses rather gruesomely. The audience is bombarded with horrifying images, until it is finally revealed that the man working with the cadavers is none other than the artist Leonardo Da Vinci - who  was known to work with exhumed corpses for the purpose of study. 

Several stills from the film are presented below. 

This project was a group effort (carried out in 24 hours) along with Ramya Ramakrishnan, Vijay Moparthy, Atul Ranjan Ekka, Ritesh Kumar, Rana Pratap Sen, Diya Kalia and Rakesh Kumar. 
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