Ramukaka.com, A service, find, connect and transact platform was looking for a change.

Logo 1.0

They had already transitioned from the cheerful Kaka and 'bubbly' characters to a newer, hand-drawn version created by the amazing Manasi Parikh, but they still felt  a need for more.

Logo 2.0

Probing beneath the surface, the problem statement arose.
They felt they needed a stronger look, something that would be fun and approachable, yet maintain some weight and inspire confidence. They also wanted to do away with the concept of mascot and have something either completely type based, or more iconic in nature.
That's when they approached both myself and Famous Innovations to take Ver. 2 to the final stretch.
Thus a collaborative logo was born..
While I worked on the text, with inputs from fellow designers Nikhil Bajpai and Vijay Moparthi - giving the hand-drawn typography a bit more weight and gravitas, Famous Innovations came up with the brilliant graphic to represent Ramukaka - a clock with the iconic moustache of 'Ramu kaka.'

Final Refined Typography

Final Logo 
(Graphic Icon + Text)

Alternate placement of Text + Graphic

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