This is an animatic for the film "Bajo La Almohada" - conceptualized by CalArts' very own Isabel Herguera. The final film may be viewed here:

It was created from a series of children's drawings from Caritas Goa Community Center - ASRO Tivim Care Home. We were a team of ten people involved with the Pre-production and creation of the animatic, working under Isabel's direction. We had to sift through various drawing done by the children, and listen to various recordings of interviews with them to create sound-scapes and mood-boards. Stills of the Animatic have been added below.
It was a wonderful experience working with a director of Isabel's caliber. The team of ten people comprised of Gunjan Joshi,  Ramya Ramakrishnan, Anirban Ghosh, Sudhakar Bhaskaran, Ritesh Kumar, Vijay M, Rana Pratap Sen, Atul Ranjan Ekka and Sonali Upadhyay.

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