Kissa Kahani

Update: Kissa Kahani has won 2 awards at the Core77 Design Awards 2020!
– Runner up for the Design Education Initiative
– Grand Prize Winner for the Community Choice Awards
View the honoree page here!

Discussing sexual and reproductive health can be awkward for most young people, but in India, there are almost no discussions at all. Young people in India have limited access to sexual and reproductive health information and services, which makes them vulnerable to multiple health conditions with lifelong consequences.

Kissa Kahani is a uniquely designed, evidence-based intervention that provides information about sexual and reproductive health to Indian adolescents through storytelling, multimedia, and innovative research.

Created by Ci3 (Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation) at the University of Chicago, with Ramya Ramakrishnan Design and Curriculum developers Stratcomm Consulting, Kissa Kahani educates adolescents ages 12 to 14 about sexual and reproductive health in schools across India.

Core Design Team:

Ramya Ramakrishnan – Concept, Direction & Art

Jemma Jose – Character Design & Art

Aurcoe – Animation

Shruti Prabhu – Branding & Graphic Design

Watch the project summary video to know how Kissa Kahani has evolved.

Click through the below gallery to get a glimpse of the work created!