Brer Rabbit Retold:
A collaboration with Tara Books, I contributed some pieces of motion graphics / animation for the Film accompanying the upcoming release of the Brer Rabbit Retold book.
The Brer Rabbit stories were originally oral tales told by slaves from the American South. In this powerful rendering for children and adults, writer and griot Arthur Flowers re-tells them as wisdom tales for a contemporary audience, bringing them back to us as one of the sturdy roots of African-American literature. He connects the spoken and written words in surprising ways in the book, and in a musical spoken word performance in collaboration with a group of young Indian musicians. This genre defying cross-media project pushes the boundaries of narrative art – inviting the reader (and listener) to explore through sight and sound, text and imagination.
Produced by Tara Books
Storytelling : Arthur Flowers
Illustrations : Jagdish Chitara
Direction, Editing, Camera : Arun Wofl
Camera : Pranav Ramani
Persussion : Sarathy Korwar
Guitar : Vinay Kaushal
Flute : Gandhaar Amin
Stills from the Film
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